Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

We will not tire to share videos by this guy. His skills are amazing.

The funny thing is he seems to get even better!

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Home Made Dirt Trail

Made in Romania, to be more specific. Guys have a nice story. It’s worth watching it!

The Earth Beat from chishbak on Vimeo.

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“Be a part of a record!”-VeloEvolution bike procession, May 20th

This, already traditional, bike procession of Sofia will start at 6 p.m. at the St. Aleksander Nevski Square on the 20th of May.

Source: Veloevolution

The event coincides with the international day of “riding a bike to work”. And, this is the message the VeloEvolution team wants to, once more, convey – riding a bike is a great way to go to work, to school or anywhere in town. And also, they are trying to persuade the society to understand the bikers and their needs, to be more tolerant and open for more bikes on the roads and more biking infrastructure.

This is the serious part and now for the excitement of the procession. The route will follow the boulevards Rakovski, Patriarch Evtimii, Fridtjof Nansen, Evlogi Georgiev and will end at the statue of the Soviet Army. You can view a detailed map here. All streets will be closed for cars during the procession.

Now, for the record! The idea is to park a maximum vehicles and their passengers on a given space of 16 parking slots. That is, how many bikes and bikers can fit where 16 cars can.

And if all of this is not enough to raise your biking spirit, VeloEvolution organized a concert after the event with the band Ayavis.

This is another nice event by VeloEvolution – the cause, the program, and the organization are excellent. We can tell because we were at the event last year and it was great.

See you all there!

You can see the VeloEvolution article in Bulgarian here.

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The Copenhagen Wheel

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First Mountain Bike Front Double Flip

Some time ago the guys from MTB-BG shared this awesome video. The guy, Bienvenido Aguado, definitely possesses great skill and perseverance. The record was set in Barcelona. Enjoy!

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European Road Safety Chart – Forum in Sofia 21.02.2011

You want to be heard by the European Commission? Now is the time! If you are concerned or have ideas or you are just frustrated by the situation on the roads – have your say.

The Road Safety Forum will address the challenges that cyclists, motorbikers, pedestrians and people who use the public transportation face every day.

Source: Veloevolution

The roads and the traffic are part of our daily life, they have their risks, choices and challenges. Just think how much time you spend on the road every day. Please, come and hear the ideas of others and give yours.

The place is the Information Center with the Representation of the EC in Bulgaria,               9 Moskovska Str., Sofia, Bulgaria. The time is 5 p.m. on Monday, 21st of February.

The original information was kindly distributed by Veloevolution. And if you need more details or want to register, you can write to lora.kotseva@paueducation.com

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Mini DH Competition, Sofia, March 27th 2011

Downhill in the park? Yes, this youth (under 18) competition will take place in “Zapaden Park” or the big western park of Sofia.   

The organizers are some of the guys who regularly ride there – Lyubomir Toshev and Yavor Gruev. The idea of the event is to target and support participants under 18.

The length of the track, as the event name suggests, will be shorter. The competition will be easy to attend and there will be plenty of space for audience. So, if you are intrigued, you are kindly invited to support the young riders.

The participants will be split in 5 groups – A: 13-14; B: 15-16; C: 17-18; D: Women and E: “Elite”. The last group will comprise participants who will be specially invited to demonstrate their skills. 

If you are interested in the event, you can write to the organizers at: minidhsofia@abv.bg or register on the day of the event. The entre fee is 10lv.

The participants are required to wear helmets and also have the “Sport accident” insurance for the day of the event (costs about 3lv.)

The event is followed on the MTB-BG forum and the info was translated from their site.

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Tour Marathon, “Bulgaria 2011″ – April 2nd to May 4th

To promote the cause “Cycle Safe” the “Factor Foundation” is organizing the first cycling marathon of Bulgaria.

The participants will visit 28 regional centers on a route around Bulgaria that will be 2500 kilometers long!

The organizers are using the event to promote a number of initiatives and causes related to biking. Some of these include the development of national network of bike paths and sectors, cycling infrastructure and signs as well as an “EuroVello” biking tourist’s corridor in Bulgaria. While visiting the regional centers, the organizers will communicate why biking is a great means of transportation and what the people and the local governments can do to assure safe riding.

To register for this great event you can write to factor@factor-foundation.org. The deadline is the 28th of February.

More information, in English, you can find here. This includes the schedule of the event, the daily plan and more on the initiatives promoted by it.

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Porsche, Drag… Anything in common? Yes – e-bikes!

We have seen quite many e-bikes so far, including the Smart e-bike by Mercedes. Porsche are not falling behind and are now introducing the Hybrid RS. Sounds very cool and green, and it is.

The Austrian’s from Simplon helped a lot, providing Porsche with an extremely light and strong carbon fiber frame. A 4 kilo electric set was added with the motor on the rear wheel and the batteries below the seat. The result is a 16 kg bike which is the lightest that we have seen so far.

The bike can roll for up to 50 km depending on the terrain. The price is 8000 euro. Porsche’s dealerships will be the main distributor, once the bike goes on sale.

The Bulgarian bike producers are going with the trend.

Drag introduced their city bike at the Plovdiv Fair. Drag Emotion is a very well built and safe bike. The electric motor helps the rider glide in city environment making the bike a very useful and also environmentally friendly means of transportation.

MTB-BG and 360 Magazine

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“M.A.R.D.A.G.A.S.K.A.R” – follow-up

Thanks to the guys from MTB-BG, we will give you an account of this spectacular event.

Unfortunately, there was no snow and this made the event quite different but certainly not worse.

Huge ramps were built on the Knyajevo slope, a special track with sharp turns was designed, many participants joined the event. Sounds great and indeed it was.

The event started half an hour later, so that even more participants could join the XC race. The track started uphill and soon the participants had to carry their bikes. The race did not last long since the track was designed for much harder conditions and snow. The winners in the first competitions “Quick”, “Skillful”, “P.R.O” & “Bitches” were as follows:  Teodor Petrov, Asen Ganev, Todor Angelov, Vasilena Radeva.

Later the bravest soft and hard tail bikers hopped on the ramps.

The jumps were fantastic to watch and, luckily, continued without incidents. The skill required was immense and the bikes and bikers bent low at the end of each jump. Teodor Petrov riding a hard bike jumped with surprising grace and quickly won the admiration of the audience. The winners in the Brave PRO and Brave Hard were Rosen Kovachev and Teodor Petrov. The young brave ones were led by Boyan Stoychev. Ilinda Evtimova received an award for being the only female to take part in the Brave competition.

The organizers from SKA kept the promise to make the event even more fun. To do so they introduced creative stages in the events.

The “Skillful” event, for example, was in the spirit of winter games and included shooting. The most precise participants got 10 seconds off their time. On the other hand, each step on the ground resulted in 10 seconds penalty.

This amazing corner led to most penalties, but also showed who were the participants with the best technique.

M.A.R.D.A.G.A.S.K.A.R events are proving to get better organized, producing great competitions and amazing emotions. We are certainly looking for the next one!

For our original article on the event, please go here.

Info was gathered from MTB-BG.

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